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Weekly Horoscope

We have two types of Weekly Horoscopes, one based on Sun Sign and the other based on Moon Sign. Please make your selection below:

Horoscope by Sun Sign

Horoscope by Moon Sign

Sun Sign Weekly Horoscope based by Sandeep Bhargava : 9/22/2017 - 9/28/2017

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Sandeep Bhargava
Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava

ARIES (March 21 to April 20): You will have some new avenues to work on this week. You will be under pressure to hurry up things, owing to pressing deadline. Businesspersons must put their long cherished action into implementation for development and expansion. You will get some monetary gains that will enliven your spirits. In short, you will stay healthy financially. No threat to your well-being. Those who already have a health issue, must continue with the treatment and even try alternative therapy.

TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): Work will be more challenging for you. Businessmen will be pleased with new projects that will increase their profits. There will be possibilities to spend lavishly to please your friend and family. It will be a good idea to count every penny before you splurge yourself in spending. Work pressure will likely to take a toll on your heath. Working for long hours under stress is the root cause of failing ill this week. Amidst all this chaos, do not neglect health here.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20): Businesspersons should face every challenge as well as competition from competitors. Though you will have sufficient inflow of money, your spending habit will put in trouble. You will not be able to save due to your extravagant spending. Plan your expenditure in such a way that you have enough money in case of emergency. Falling ill has a strong possibility. Remain vigilant for any signs and symptoms. Take due preventive measures promptly to stop the issue from taking alarming proportion.

CANCER (June 21 to July 22): You will have enough opportunity to push your financial prospects ahead. You will be encouraged to make the smartest choices with your money instead of spending on unnecessary things. Do not give in to any temptations of making money in an unethical way. You will be under pressure from loved one to take relationship to next level by tying knots and confirm the relationship. If you are sure about the choice of your partner, you must be honest in your decision.

LEO (July 23 to August 22): Businesspersons and professional will have to look beyond the local market in order to get high worth customers. You need to follow up with the deals you have signed and work towards increasing your sales. Don’t lose your temper at work. Maintain a calm composure. It will benefit you. You need to give importance to matters related to finances and settle all pending issues. If you’re in a newly developed relationship, there will be some disagreement with your loved one. You must not overreact to this. It is best to give a patient ear to your partner and accommodate his/her opinions in a democratic way.

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): A week to enjoy as far as money matters are concerned. What a bliss, when money makes its way so easily for you. Make good use of this time to strengthen your position on the financial front. Make your investment with due deliberations. Pack your travel bags if you are in a business. Your high worth customers are waiting across to make a fruitful negotiation with you. De-stress yourself. Remember that being stressed can play havoc on your health. So get rid of that extra baggage in your mind. Losing your temper will not help you at all to maintain a healthy relationship for long. Avoid anger and learn to be calm at all times.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): Money will make its way so easily in your hands. You will be able to meet your day-to-day necessities of life with ease. You will be able to save a lot of money as there are no major expenses. A little trouble is forecasted for your health. You need to remain very careful about any symptoms. Stop the problem in the initial stage. Cupid will strike straight into your heart and you will be swept off your feet by your future partner. Yes, you will find the person of your dreams this week.

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 22): Time to re-organize your planning on the basis of the last performance. Find out all loopholes and improve the wrong strategies. Proper planning will ensure that you will benefit in the long run. Due to your correct decision of saving and investing in the past. You will reap the rich harvest from the investment made earlier and you will be strong financially. Those in love will enjoy some cozy and romantic moments together. Family time will be good as you spend some quality time together.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 22): You will look for a new avenue to invest your money profitably. Make the most of it to strengthen your position on the financial front. Refrain from making money through unethical means. You will be busier with work related activities this week. Remain well focused on present activity and wait patiently for higher rewards. Acidic tendency in your digestive system may trouble you this week. Plan a proper diet plan to eliminate the problem from the root.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): You will be entrusted with some important task at work. Businesspersons and professionals will strike profitable deals. Your financial front will be stronger and you’ll enjoy luxuries of life to the fullest. New avenues of earning will boost up your existing revenue. Avoid lending money for now. The excessive amount of work will lead to stress and tensions. This will take a toll on your health. A meaningful relationship will likely to take shape which may help single ones. No major issue in a relationship will bother you.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): You have waited patiently for this moment of joy in matters related to money and here it comes. Well-aligned benefices will work well in presenting enough opportunity for satisfactory monetary gain. With regards to health, remain watchful about symptoms of an upcoming trouble. Act promptly to stop the issue from taking an alarming proportion. Work related issues will stress you so much that you will neglect to respond to a love signal from a person who likes you. Relationships formed this week will benefit you in the years to come.

Profile of Sandeep Bhargava:
Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava is a man of pure intellect and spirituality is an exemplary character in the field of astrology. He was only 14, when he started practicing astrology and now he has over 22000 followers all over the world. A true devotee of the goddess named 'Kamakhya', he believes that his powers and immense knowledge in astronomy is god gifted and with that, he intends to bring happiness into people's life. From successful TV shows in India to invigorating radio shows in UAE his achievements are countless. He has also featured in several magazines throughout the globe.

Sandeep Bhargava's client base in the field of Astrology and Vaastu include names like Raj Kumar Santoshi who is a well known film director & producer, bollywood star Sanjay dutt, Randeep Hooda, Raj Babbar, Television actor Vivian D'sena, Karan Patel, news reporter Deepak Chaurasia and Sahara supreme Subrato Roy to name a few.

Somebody said correctly, "misfortune never comes alone". Fate can be cruel at times and it can lead to a series of unlikely events. Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava has solutions to all the difficulties and misfortunes.

His online store cosmic vision offers several global services. His prescribed gemstones work wonders, his followers have experienced it.

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Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope based by Pundit Kushal Kumar : 9/22/2017 - 9/28/2017

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Pundit Kushal Kumar
Pandit Kushal Kumar
Haryana, India

ARIES (Chu , Che , Cho , Lo , Lu, Le , Aaa, L and Ch): The week begins with moderate hopes of cooperation work - partners or business partners or life partners , as the case may be , which could materialise to some extent. The middle of the week looks to be bringing health and financial concerns which could relate to associates or co-workers also. The last and third part part of the week is alright but allows things to go into hiding. Otherwise fine.

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TAURUS (E , Au , O, V , Vee , Voo, Ve , Vo ) : The week begins with some success in efforts or solving the problems. The second part of the week is alright but obstructions and delays concerning assets or material possessions may be there. Partner in life could be a little unwell. Third part is alright but things don’t look to be moving. Wait.

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GEMINI (K , Ki , Ku, Gh , D , Ko , H ): The week begins with dreams or good hopes and some materialisation of thought out plans. The middle part looks to be presenting doing of more efforts than necessary to get things going. The third part of the week brings financial or other success within reach.

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CANCER (Hi , Hu , H , Ho , Da , Di , Du , De , Do): Multiplicity of things to be done looks to be there with below normal success. The middle of the week presents jamming of the thought out schemes. Third part of the week brings success.

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LEO (Ma , Mi , Mu , Mo , Ta , Ti , Tu , Te , T): Ambition concerning scholarly work or artistic or entertaining work goes high and more efforts are made. The middle of the week requires patience and calm and wait. Just pass time with some normalcy. Health concern or relatives or friends may become cause of the concern.

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VIRGO (To , Pa , Pee , Pu , P , Th , Pe , Po): You are prompted to spend on projects which look to be attractive. But don’t get prompted. The week , by and large , calls for normalcy.

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LIBRA (Ra , Ree , Ru , Re , Ro , Ta , Ti , Too , Te , R and T): The beginning of the week suggests wellness and meeting moderate success in financial or professional matters. But expenses grow or there erupt obstructions in financial matters , friends or family members may give cause of concern during second part of the week. The third part of the week indicates growth and wellness in financial or professional or other matters.

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SCORPIO (To, Na , Ni , Nu, Ne , No, Ya , Yi , Yu , T , N, Y): Expenses or obstructions look to be growing during the week. Keep calm or restraint. Lie low and wait or have patience. You can postpone things for a better time.

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SAGITTARIUS (Ye , Yo , Fa , Fi , E , Y and F ): Except the second part of the week , other two parts are alright.

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CAPRICORN (Bho , Ja , Ji , Khee , Khu , Kho , Bh , Kh): This is a week of mixed scene. First pat of the week could be a bit encouraging about matters in hand. But after that , slow forward movement with obstructions on the way.

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AQUARIUS (Goo , Ge , Go , Sa , Soo, Se , So ): Some energies or ambitions whip you up for moving forward with necessary technique or strategy. There may be some success but much may be in relation to future. Third part may bring things to happen with success.

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PISCES: A week calling for care , go-slow and patience. Some partings are likely or some distances may come up.

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Note: The weekly predictions for 12 signs of sidereal zodiac here have been made with Moon sign one is born with , in the focus. In other words , the position of the Moon in a sign in one’s birth chart (horoscope) is meant here by the Vedic astrology writer. If the birth chart is not available in a case for any reason , one may get to know the ruling Moon sign on the basis of first letter of one’s name in use publicly. For example , for Rakesh , the first letter ‘ R’ denotes sign Libra. So in this example , Libra is the Moon sign. Readers may consult Indian Panchang ( ephemeris) for any year , which usually lists letters denoting a sign of the zodiac. Further , it may be observed that the predictions here are indications of likely trends which have probability to take shape during period of the week.

Profile of Pundit Kushal Kumar:
Hailing from Sansal of District Kangra in Himachal Pradesh State of India , Kushal Kumar is presently a resident of Panchkula in Haryana State of India. His articles have been published by premier astrology magazines like The Mountain Astrologer (TMA) from California and Dell Horoscope from New York. His articles on spiritual themes have also appealed the west. He can be reached via