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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
03/26/1918 Vanavihari B.N. Sundara Rao, great author and journalist, was born at Varthur, Bangalore.
03/26/1931 New Delhi replaces Calcutta as capital of British-Indies.
03/26/1938 Laxminath Bezbarua, great littearateur of modern Assamia language, passed away.
03/26/1942 Indira Gandhi, third Prime Minister of India, was married to Feroze Gandhi.
03/26/1969 Romesh Chandra, secretary general of the World Peace Council, receives the Lenin prize
03/26/1969 Vikram Rathour, cricketer (Indian Test opening batsman 1996-), was born in Jalandhar.
03/26/1972 The first International Sanskrit Conference was held by President V.V Giri.
03/26/1977 Morarji Desai, the new Prime Minister, forms his Cabinet.
03/26/1980 Bombay gets its first rock concert in 10 years (The Police).
03/26/1987 Hyderabad beat Delhi on first innings to win the Ranji Trophy.
03/26/1989 Eighth Antarctica Expedition returns after erecting India's second permanent manned station 'Maitri'.
03/26/1990 Pratap Singh Rane,Goa CM, resigns.
03/26/1990 Sangma Ministry quits in Meghalaya. B. B. Lyngdoh is new CM.
03/26/1990 Maniben Patel, daughter of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, passed away.
03/26/1991 Chautala loses majority after the disqualification of three Janata Dal (S) members. Janata Party merges with Janata Dal (S).
03/26/1992 Accord with Bangladesh on Tin Bigha.
03/26/1992 Rs. 245 crore relief in customs, excise duties announced.
03/26/1993 Surajkund AICC okays dual posts for Narasimha Rao.
03/26/1996 Indian all-rounder Manoj Prabhakar announces retirement from international cricket.
03/26/1996 The 3-day old Hazratbal shrine crisis ends, as the militants holed up in the shrine come out of it.
03/26/1997 Andhra Pradesh Assembly passes a Bill to amend the Prohibition Act, ending the state's 2-year experiment with total prohibition.
03/26/1997 Russia agrees to help India in developing a state-of-the-art integrated air defence system, even as the two agree to carry military cooperation into the 21st century during the visit of Prime Minister Deve Gowda.
03/26/1999 14 tonnes of heavy water leaked into the second unit of the Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS) at Kalpakkam during an in-service inspection.
03/26/1999 Indian Airlines regained the National hockey men's title in Hyderabad.


Other Historical Dates and Events
04/13/1948Bhuvaneshwar became the capital of Orissa.
11/20/1989Hirabai Barodekar, famous singer of ""Kirana Gharana"", passed away.
02/22/1854Kawasji Nanabhai Dawar started the first Cloth Mill namely 'Bombay Spinning Mills'.
07/16/1997Kamal Hassan gets best actor award for ''Indian'' while Tabu bags best actress award for ''Maachis''.
08/06/1920Star Films Ltd., Bombay, was founded by Ardeshir M. lrani and Bhogilal K. M. Dave.
05/06/1529Babur Shah, Mughal Emperior, defeated Afghan Nawab Nasrat Shah, king of Bengal, on the banks of the Gand and the Ghaghra river.
08/06/1997Cabinet approves a proposal to amend the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act, with a view to removing epilepsy as a ground for annulling marriage or for declaring marriage as null and void.
06/28/1972Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis died. He was the first founder of Indian statistical Institute to receive world recognition. In 1958, he started his national sample surveys. A Sample survey means assessing a situation by studying a part of it which would represent the whole, some of his proposals were included in the second five year paln. His original work made him elected as fellow of the Royal society in 1945.
11/14/1957Children's Day.
08/02/1988The Supreme Court confirmed death sentence on Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh in Indira Gandhi murder case.